Due to the increasing success of old-timers and their restoration, more and more innovative surface treatments are becoming available. In a restoration, the quality of the bodywork is central. To remove lacquer layers there are classic methods but also alternatives. This is something that Jan Van Nuffel, manager of Sodablast Systems bvba, also knows. He offers bodyshops an alternative: sodablasting and dustless blasting.

As an avid classic car enthusiast, Jan was looking for a solution to seamlessly paint a car without damaging the surface. He found the solution in the United States: sodablasting. Jan is currently the only importer and distributor of the innovative system that allows paint stripping with sodablasting. At the end of 2009, the system received a CE mark and was admitted on the European and Belgian markets.


In 2010, Jan van Nuffel founded Sodablast bvba to sell and lease such systems to bodyshops, hobbyists, ... In recent years he and his wife have worked hard to expand the company with additional machines and services to offer customers optimal service.





In addition to sodablast systems, since 2012 we have also included dustless blasting systems in the range to offer the customer a more complete range of possibilities. Of course, we also offer supplemental products.



Of course we do not leave customers to their fate and we provide them with advice and action to bring their projects to a successful conclusion. We will also never make empty promises. If the surface of a part cannot be cleaned or stripped, then we will also communicate this directly to the customer because it is also not interesting for us to do the whole piece and not to obtain satisfaction from the customer.


Revision companies and bodyshops often experience problems during the overhaul of both engines and the blasting of a body.



Sodablasting involves blasting with sodium carbonate. Upon contact with the surface, the particles explode causing a non-abrasive action. In restoration projects, quality has the upper hand and not so much the time. It is often about cars with a sentimental value.

Sodablast is looking for a quick and efficient solution together with the customer.



Where standard cabins do not meet the requirements of the customer, we can offer a tailor made machine.



he perfect means for stripping a bodywork. No sanding, no scratches, no rust.


Safe on fiberglass, aluminum and steel. Increases safety and productivity.


Extremely suitable for cleaning buildings during restoration or removal of graffiti.

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Sodablast is the official importer of companies such as Vixen - MMLJ that have years of experience in the blasting world. These companies have their own production of machines and can thus control the quality as well as offer tailor made machines.




We are the distributor of the SBSLLC Sodablast system for the Benelux, Germany and France.

In consultation with the customer, according to his specific requirements, we look for the right solution in terms of machine and the appropriate blasting agent.

Sodablasting is a complete service for stripping, cleaning and restoration services. This includes on-site cleaning, stripping of vehicles, installations and buildings.

Sodablasting is ideal for removing fire damage, fungi and graffiti. Both on site and in our workshop we offer the services of the Sodablast system that are carried out by us or by our customer network.